Real Risks

Times have changed and things are not like they used to be…


risklong1People can be forced to sell their family homes to pay for residential care fees

Why? Estimates suggest that between 30,000 – 40,000 people are forced to sell their home to pay for their residential care fees. Our capital and income are included when a Local Authority assesses whether we should contribute to or fully fund our care.               

More people may be liable to pay inheritance tax as they won’t be able to use the married spouse exemption

Why? Less of us are now ‘married’ (decrease from 51% in 2001 to 47% in 2011), if your estate is worth over £325,000 it will be subject to inheritance tax at 40%

More of us could be left with nothing at all if our un-married partners do not make a Will

Why? More people are now co-habiting (an increase from 5.3 million to 9.8 million in the last decade). The laws which apply to distribute our estates when we haven’t made a Will do not recognise un-married partners whatsoever.

Our children need to have guardians and proper financial provision

Why? There are 13.3 million dependent children living within many different family households. It is incredibly important that all parents provide financial security and appoint guardians for their young children. In the last 10 years however there has been a huge increase in the number of children living with one parent (3.1 million in total) and so making these plans should really be top of the agenda.

The Government will receive more by way of inheritance tax from us
Why? We probably own more than we think; almost half of all adults aged 45-64 live in a household where the total household wealth exceeds £500,000. Whatever our age and whatever our financial circumstances, being aware of and reducing your inheritance tax liability may save your family thousands of pounds.


With these risks in mind,

whilst many of us would always like to hope for the best,

we can also prepare for the worst and

avoid unintended consequences for our loved ones.

Which risks are you most concerned about?

Click each risk below to understand the problem you face and more importantly………

what we can do to solve it!

I want to protect my home from being sold to pay for residential care

I want to ensure that my spouse/partner can continue to reside in our home after I’ve gone

I want to guarantee that if my spouse/partner remarries:

I want safeguard the inheritance I leave from being:

I want to ensure that someone I trust would be able to make decisions for me, should I become incapable in my lifetime: